Natural Resources

With the shift in natural resource management to a more holistic or ecosystem-oriented approach, the need for landscape-level analysis in management considerations, and with shrinking natural resource inventories, integrated ecosystem management has become a primary focus of sustainable land management.

An integrated approach provides a more effective means of balancing land use requirements and sound natural resource management. Ecosystem management as a basis for planning takes the long-term view of human activities and biological resources into account, integrating ecological, economic, and social factors.

The ultimate goal of ecosystem management is to preserve and enhance ecosystem integrity, and to sustain biological diversity and ensure the continued availability of natural resources. AH provides support and consultation for complying with resource protection laws and for the integrated management, planning, conservation, and enhancement of natural systems. Our experienced staff ensures that solutions and recommendations are cost-effective, as well as protective of the resource or ecological system. AH provides our clients with a complete range of planning, conservation, and management services, from study design to incorporation of the results and data into the clients’ Geographical Information Systems.