Drinking Water

Clean, potable water is not just essential for life, it is essential for civilization. Today’s water supplies have become complex systems of elaborate means of source water extraction; sophisticated, automated treatment; and expansive distribution systems.

Our engineers’ and scientists’ decades of experience spans all facets of water supply and quality engineering, and their expertise encompasses aquatic chemistry, physical-chemical water treatment, microbiology, and hydraulics. The services they provide include the following:

Water supply planning: Our staff perform safe-yield studies, environmental impact studies, watershed and wellhead protection plans, emergency water supply and master planning studies.

Water treatment and distribution design: Our engineers provide the entire range of water supply design services, from treatability studies, process design, and hydraulic modeling to preparation of construction plans, specifications and contract documents, and permit applications.

Regulatory compliance: Our engineers and scientists have worked with dozens of utilities to help navigate and comply with an ever-evolving regulatory environment. They perform sanitary surveys, backflow prevention and cross connection control, and premise plumbing water quality studies as well as develop management and sampling plans.

Operator training: AH firmly believes that well-trained operators are key to delivering safe and sustainable drinking water. Our experienced staff has performed multi-week operator training for licensing for many years and across various jurisdictions.