In the US, more than 70% of generated wastewater is collected in sewers and treated in nearly 15,000 permitted wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) serving towns and cities, institutions, and military facilities. As engineers and scientists developed new and better ways of cleaning wastewater, regulations became stricter and more comprehensive, and WWTPs evolved from primary to secondary to tertiary plants that today remove more than 95% of solids, organic matter, and nutrients.

AH’s wastewater engineers and scientists offer expertise in every aspect of the practice, from concept development to detailed design of conveyance systems and advanced wastewater treatment facilities. We offer practical solutions to the complex and dynamic challenges facing the domestic and industrial wastewater sectors, while always focusing on making the best use of our clients’ resources.

Collection & Conveyance – AH offers extensive experience in wastewater collection system services. Our typical services range from in-depth Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys (usually consisting of detailed manhole condition assessments, smoke testing, CCTV inspections, I&I analyses, and sewer rehabilitation planning), to flow monitoring, capacity analysis, hydraulic modeling, and pipeline design services.

Treatment Process Optimization – it can be immensely frustrating when a multi-million-dollar WWTP is not meeting the effluent standards that it was designed to. Our team of process engineers excels in these situations. By developing and implementing tailored diagnostic and treatability studies to root-out and address underlying causes of subpar performance, we offer our clients various courses of action to meet their objectives and budget. From benchtop to pilot and full-scale studies, AH has a solution to fit your needs.

Design & Permitting – AH’s wastewater group provides design and permitting services at all scales. Our expertise ranges from design of single lift stations to collection system rehabilitation, all the way to full-scale industrial and domestic WWTPs. We emphasize client and regulatory engagement throughout the process to avoid costly delays and ensure on-time, on-budget products.

Regulatory Compliance – our staff has accumulated a broad and detailed knowledge of regulatory compliance and permitting processes over decades of working with federal, state, and local agencies, from coast to coast and abroad. We leverage this knowledge base to guide our clients smoothly through the multifaceted and ever-changing regulatory environment.